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Chinese Chicken Salad With Won Ton Chips



For the won ton chips: Lay a paper towel on top of a plate and set aside for a moment.
Heat a medium size skillet on low heat and add the canola oil.
When the oil is warm, add a small batch of the won tons.
Turn them over when the bottom side turns a light golden color.
As soon as both sides are a light golden color quickly remove them from the skillet and lay them on the plate.
Continue to cook in batches.
Watch them closely because they cook very quickly and its best to cook them a few at a time so they dont cook faster than you can turn them or remove them from the skillet.
Set aside.
For the peanut dressing: In a small to medium size bowl, add all of the dressing ingredients and whisk together.
Set aside in the refrigerator while making the salad.
For the salad: On the two serving plates, add the green cabbage, purple cabbage, shredded carrots, cilantro, green onions, Mandarin oranges, chicken, honey roasted peanuts and sesame seeds.
Garnish with the won ton chips.
Serve with peanut dressing.