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Hearty Banish Winterblues Stew



In a skillet add olive oil and onions-let the onions sweat till transparent add the garlic till the aroma of the garlic starts to fill the air.
In a bowl dredge the meat in the plain flour- add to the onion & garlic, coat the meat pieces with the onion & garlic mixing all the time, do not let the meat stick to the skillet/ pan.
as the pieces start to brown a little and the meat will seal add the chopped tomatoes mix wel,l add the basil and the tomatoe paste and the Red cayene powder,give it a GOOD STIR TO INCORPORATE ALL THE INGREDIENTS WELL- finally add the aubergines.
Now lower the heat and add the water, give it one more stir cover the pan with a lid-Cook on low heat till meat is tender- the sauce will be a rich red and thick, add the sugar mix well.
Let stand for 5 minutes before serving.
Serve with Penne pasta, or fusili or can be enjoyed with Brown,or white rice- I found Crusty bread .
Bagettes go very well as you can clean up the sauce with this bread.