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Pressed Lamb



To prepare brine: add salt, sugar, and saltpeter to boiling water; stir until all are dissolved.
Remove from heat and chill.
Remove bones and sinew from meat and wash and dry thoroughly.
Sew pieces together for large square or rectangle.
Flatten out and sprinkle on entire surface salt, pepper, allspice, onion, parsley, and saltpeter.
Also be sure to cut off all the meat from the bones and spread scraps over the surface.
Roll very tightly and hold with a meat fork while sewing ends and sides.
Tie around as you would a rolled roast and place in the brine, which should be chilled thoroughly.
After 10 days, remove meat from brine and cover with boiling water.
Boil slowly for 2 hours.
Place in press until cold.
If you do not have a press, place between two flat surfaces and place a weight on top.
The weight should be evenly distributed.
Slice thin as a cold cut or on open-faced sandwiches.