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Braised apple with chocolate



First,peel off all the apple's skin.
Then squeeze all the orange juice and lemon juice into a bowl,add the honey(the amout of honey is depend your own flavour) and pour all the water.
Mix well and put into a pot and boil it.
When the mixture liquid is boiled,turn it into small fire and let it simmer.
Then put all of the apples inside,braised until soft.
While in braising process,cut the mint leaf into small pieces and put into the water.
While the apples still cook,let make the chocolate topping.
First cut the chocolate and buttet into small pieces,then boil the cream.
After that combine the cream with chocolate and butter and mix well.
When the apple is soft,take it out.
Dip with the chocolate mixture and put on plate,garnish it with some mint leaf on top.
It done to eat.