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Grape Tart (Using Kyoho Grapes or Large Table Grapes)



Make the pastry (seeand rest it in the refrigerator.
Slice the pastry into 10 pieces.
Roll each piece of pastry into a circle.
I used a muffin tin with 5.5cm diameter bottoms this time.
Line each muffin tin cup with the pastry, making the sides about 2cm high.
Pierce the bottoms, and refrigerate the pastry (30 minutes or so).
Make the filling.
Please refer to the "Egg Tart" recipe.
The ingredient amounts for the egg tart are different from the ones for these tarts, but the method is the same.
Cut the grapes into half, peel and drain off any excess moisture.
(Half the grapes will be added to the filling, and the other half will be used as decoration.
) These are the Kyoho grapes I used.
One bunch was just enough this time, but keep in mind that each bunch has a different number of grapes.
Add the filling from Step 4 inside the pastry lined muffin cups in Step 3, and top with 3 grape halves each.
Bake in a preheated 180C oven for about 25 minutes.
After the tarts have cooled a bit, take them out of the tin and cool on a rack.
Make the cream for the topping.
Mix the A.
cream cheese until soft.
Add the sugar to the heavy cream and whip it.
Combine the whipped cream and cream cheese.
Mound the cream on top of the cooled tarts.
Add the rest of the grape halves to finish.
Chill well before serving.
Here's how it looks cut in half.
The tarts are best eaten after they've been chilling for more than half a day.
I recommend waiting more than a day, when the filling and the crust have melded together.