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Tomatoes Crunchy, Juicy, Sweet...(Bursting Tomato)



Mix egg and water together.
Set aside.
Mix parmesan cheese an flour together set aside.
Mix breadcrumbs and seasoning together set aside.
Dust each sliced tomato with flour dip into egg mixture then into breadcrumbs mixture.
Don`t worry if it doesn`t adhere to the sides.
Place breaded tomatoes into refrigerator for one hour this help the breading adhere to the tomatoes.
In a large fry pan heat oil over medium heat.
Saute onions and garlic till translucent.
Remove from pan leaving as much of the flavored oil as you can.
Add more oil to just cover bottom of pan{if necessary} add breaded tomatoes to hot oil brown on each side.
Just a couple of minutes per side.
Remove to plate lined with paper towels.
Plate on a couple basil leaves on a serving plate top with 3 tomatoes.
Layering with 1/3 crumbled goat cheese and 1/3 sauteed onion and garlic mixture.
Repeat 2 more times and serve.