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Elizabeth's Shepherds Pie



Peel and dice potatoes.
Add to pot of cold water, bringing to a boil.
Boil 25 minutes or until soft.
Drain potatoes, reserving 1 cup of potato water.
Mash with butter and milk adding salt and pepper to taste.
Set aside.
Meanwhile, fry your ground beef, carrots and onion together until beef is browned.
Drain grease.
Add meat mixture back to pan.
To your meat mixture add 2 crumbled OXO cubes, brown gravy powder, Worcestershire and 1 cup potato water.
Mix all together and simmer 20 minutes or until carrots are soft.
Place meat mix in large greased oven proof bowl, topping with mashed potatoes.
Using a fork, make criss-cross lines on top of your potatoes.
Bake 25 minutes.
Add cheese to top and bake another 5 minutes or until cheese melts.
Serve with HP sauce or any English brown sauce.
Any leftovers are great fried up with a bit of butter.