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Salsa (Step by Step 4 Kids)



Check with a grownup and wash your hands before you begin.
Put all the ingredients, except the jalapeno peppers, into the blender.
Depending on what kind of jalapeno peppers you have, they could be mild or very spicy, so add only a few small pieces to the blender to start off with.
Doing it like this will keep it from getting too spicy.
You can always add more later if you want it spicier.
Blend the ingredients on "chop" until the look mixed.
If you like it chunkier, don't blend it too long.
For smoother salsa, blend it longer.
Remember, make sure the blender has stopped Test the salsa.
If you want more of any ingredient, add it, then blend again briefly.
Clean up the kitchen before you enjoy your salsa with corn chips, or on your breakfast taco.