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Edwards crepes



sift dry ingredients together melt your butter for a few seconds just enough to be melted but not very hot mix eggs milk vanilla and butter together in seperate bowl slowly add dry ingredients into wet and mix and wisk well in between adding the dry ingredients heat a small skillet or crepe pan on medium heat and butter well especially the edges.
add 2 or three tbs I used 1/4 dry measuring cup and filled it about two thirds of the way.
it worked perfectly add the batter to the pan I dumped mine on one side of the pan and swirled it until the whole bottom of the pan was covered cook for about one minute I waited till my edges were a bit brown because I like mine a little crispy on the edges and carefully flip cook for another 20 or 30 seconds.
I made a few a little brown and crispy like I like and a few pale like my husband likes this batter is wonderful