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Easy 10 Minute: Mapo Harusame Noodles



Rehydrate the dried wood ear mushrooms.
Boil the dried cellophane noodles to al dente, and cut into 1/4 lengths.
Cut the carrot into your desired size pieces, and boil until crisp-tender.
Parboiling the carrot reduces the stir-frying time.
Drain the excess water from the rehydrated wood ear mushrooms.
Cut the bamboo shoot into pieces, and de-string the snow peas.
Mix the seasoning ingredients, and set aside.
You can prepare it while you work on Step 1 if you want.
Heat the sesame oil, and stir-fry the ground pork.
Add the doubanjiang at this point.
Please adjust the amount to your liking! ! When the ground pork is cooked, add the vegetables, and continue stir-frying.
Since the carrot takes the longest to cook through but is already parboiled, you just need to stir-fry it briefly.
Add the Step 3 flavouring ingredients, and cooked cellophane noodles.
Simmer to reduce the sauce, and you're done.
If your kids are eating it, you can reduce the amount of doubanjiang.
It will still be delicious.