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Rum Chocolate Mousse Recipe



Dissolve over heat: 1/4 c.
sugar and 2 to 4 Tbsp.
Watch closely so it doesn't burn or possibly crystalize.
In a double boiler (or possibly in the microwave on low heat), heat the chocolate chips.
Stir the melted sugar and rum into the melted chocolate chips.
When sugar and chocolate are well stirred and smooth, stir in 2 to 3 Tbsp.
of whipping cream, not whipped.
Beat 2 egg whites till fluffy and set aside.
When the sugar, chocolate and whipping cream has cooled, mix in the beaten egg whites.
In a large bowl, whip the 2 c.
of whipping cream till fluffy or possibly use the Cold Whip.
Mix in the chocolate sauce.
Your Choice: Put in one big bowl to serve from later, or possibly put in individual dessert glasses or possibly sherbet glasses.
Garnish the top with shredded chocolate.
Refrigeratefor 12 hrs.