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Chocolate Challah



Heat the water to 110F.
Mix about one cup of the flour, the yeast, and the heated water until smooth.
Add brown sugar, cocoa, butter, salt, egg and mix.
Add enough of the remaining bread flour to make a soft dough.
Knead about four minutes with a mixer at medium speed or by hand (may take a little longer) until dough is elastic and smooth.
Set the dough in a greased bowl, cover, and let it stand in a warm place until doubled, about one hour.
Beat the cream cheese until soft and smooth Add the melted chocolate while it is still hot and mix until smooth.
Add the sugar, flour, egg yolk and vanilla.
Mix until smooth.
Once the dough has risen, punch out the air and knead it for a couple of minutes until smooth.
Use a knife to divide the dough into three equal pieces.
Roll the dough pieces with a rolling pin to rectangles 15 inches by 5 inches.
Spread 1/3 of the filling down the center of each, leaving a one-inch border with no filling.
Roll the rectangle into fifteen-inch long ropes with the filling inside.
Pinch any seams together and roll the ropes with your hands until smooth.
Braid the three ropes.
When you get to the ends, wet them, pinch them together, and tuck them under.
Prepare a large baking sheet by greasing and sprinkling with cornmeal.
Place the loaf on the pan, cover the loaf, and let it rise until doubled, about one hour Preheat the oven to 350F.
Bake the bread for 20 minutes then cover the bread with a large sheet of aluminum foil and bake for another ten to fifteen minutes or until done.
While the bread is cooling, make the glaze.
With a mixer, beat cream cheese with vanilla.
Add powdered sugar and cocoa with enough warm water to make a glaze of drizzling consistency.
Drizzle the chocolate glaze generously over the bread.