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Spring Rolls the Easy Way



Finely chop the onion.
Finely chop the carrot or you can coarsely grate it on a grater.
Heat 2 Tbsp olive oil on medium/high heat on the stove in a large fry pan.
Saute the onions for a couple minutes.
Add the ground pork, cook turning it over frequently for about 7-8 minutes until it looks white and no longer pink.
Sprinkle the pork and onion mixture with the salt, pepper, and sugar while it is cooking.
Add the carrots and continue turning over the mixture in the pan for a few minutes.
Push the mixture aside and scramble the eggs into the mixture as they cook.
When the egg is cooked and mixed into the meat, onions, carrot mixture, remove from the heat.
Get another pan with 3-4 inch sides and fill with canola oil until it is approximately 2 inches deep.
Heat the oil on medium heat.
While the oil is heating up, take out the tortillas.
Lay one out and spoon about 1/4 Cup of the meat mixture onto the lower part of the tortilla leaving about an inch on the bottom and the sides.
fold in the sides over the meat mixture and begin rolling the tortilla to resemble an egg roll or burrito.
Stick a toothpick in it to hold it together for frying.
Repeat with remaining tortillas until you run out of the meat mixture.
Check to see if your oil is hot enough for frying by putting a small piece of tortilla into the oil.
If it quickly bubbles and turns golden-brown.
The oil is ready but you might have to turn down the temperature if the piece fried within seconds.
Carefully lay the tortillas into the oil.
Depending on the size of your pan you can fry about 4 at a time as long as there is room to turn them over.
You should turn them over every 30 seconds until all sides are golden-brown and crispy.
Remove them from the oil and drain on paper towels and they are ready to serve.