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Verna's German Potato Salad Recipe



One qt diced potatoes, about 8 medium, cooked with skins on.
Add in 2 green onions or possibly 1 small onion, minced and 1 tsp.
For dressing, fry 3 slices bacon, drain and chop.
(I cut them up with scissors before frying.
) Drain.
To remaining bacon fat add in 1 Tbsp.
flour, 1/2 c.
sugar, 1/2 c.
vinegar, and 1/2 c.
Cook till thickened, stirring constantly.
Pour over potatoes and onions and mix well.
(I also add in 2 minced hard-cooked Large eggs, 1/4 c.
minced celery or possibly a dash of celery salt.
) Garnish with crisp bacon on top.