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Macaroni & Cheese a La Andre



Mix the chopped onion & bacon and cook in butter until soft.
Sprinkle onions with the flour and mix together and cook for a further minute.
Remove from the heat and slowly add the milk while stiriing, cook until the sauce thickens.
Off the heat add the cream and eggs and parsley.
Add 1 cup of cheese to the mixture.
Season the sauce with Salt & Pepper Mix the sauce with the macaroni .
Grease a suitable oven proof dish.
Place a layer of tomato slices on the base of the dish.
Pour the macaroni mixture into the dish.
Sprinkle rest of the cheddar cheese on top.
Place rest of tomato slices on top and top with the parmesan cheese.
Bake in preheated oven for 30-40 min until lightly browned on top.