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Mosaic Sandwiches



FOR THE SANDWICHES: Cut fancy shapes out of bread slices.
A doughnut cutter works providing it comes apart.
Cut 2 circles from EACH of the bread slices making 24 circles.
Cut small circles from center of 6 white and 6 brown circles.
Spread SOLID circles with butter, then with filling and white over brown with buttered side down.
They can be left this way with the filling showing through the center or tiny circles can be place in opposite colored topsbrown circle in white top and white circle in brown top.
Makes 24. FOR THE TUNA FILLING: Mix all ingredients together well.
If dry, add more salad dressing.
Makes 1 cup.
FOR THE EGG FILLING: Mix all together.
If too dry, add a bit more salad dressing.
Makes about 1 3/4 cups.
FOR THE SALMON FILLING: remove round bones.
Combine all ingredients in bowl.
Add more salad dressing if too dry.
Makes 1 cup.
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