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Old Fashioned Pink Popcorn



Pop up your popcorn.
I did mine on the stove old school style.
Which for those of you who only do microwave popcorn means you pour some oil in a large stock pot, let the oil get hot, then place popcorn kernels in the bottom and cover with a lid.
Then you wait for the magic to happen.
Swish the pot around from time to time to keep things from burning and do not go too hot.
You want a medium heat or youll scorch it.
Use the package instructions to determine how many raw kernels to use to attain 12 cups of popped corn.
Set the popped popcorn aside.
Attach a candy thermometer to a heavy saucepan.
In the saucepan combine your sugar, milk, corn syrup and salt.
Cook over medium heat until your sugar dissolves.
Then you want to keep it at a low boil until the temperature reaches 230 F which is known as soft ball stage.
If you do not have a thermometer you can grab a glass of super cold water, drop a little of the mixture into it, now grab that mixture with your fingers and if it forms a ball in the water then flattens out after its out of the water that is soft ball stage.
You can probably find videos of this online if you arent quite sure what this all means.
Stir occasionally until it reaches soft ball stage and then remove the pan from the heat, and add your vanilla and food coloring.
Stir well.
Now put your popcorn into a large bowl or even a big roasting pan.
You want to have ample room to stir it really well.
Now pour your pink mixture over top and stir well to coat.
Now line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and transfer the popcorn to that to let it dry out.
Try not to eat a boatload while waiting for it to cool.
Impossible, trust me! Serve with a big old pink grin! Adapted from: Nans Recipe Spot.