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Chicken Cutlets with Breast Meat & Apple



Cut the chicken breast diagonally into 5-6 mm slices and rub in some salt, pepper and sake.
The meat is easiest to slice when it is partially frozen.
Slice the apple into 5 mm wedges and sandwich between 2 slices of meat.
As you are coating the chicken with flour, press down on the chicken tightly to secure the apple in place.
Coat the chicken in a layer of beaten egg, then a layer of panko, and fry in oil at 180C.
Serving with sauce.
Add a small amount of milk, sugar and baking powder into the remaining flour, egg and panko.
Mix everything up with a pair of chopsticks and fry alongside the chicken.
Add 1 teaspoon of baking powder for every 100 g flour.
The mixture should be firm and drop slowly from the chopsticks.
Add more flour to the mixture if necessary.