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Scallion and Ginger Shrimp



Clean the shrimp and allow it to defrost if using frozen.
Pat the shrimp dry and set aside on a plate.
Then wash and julienne the scallions and set them aside, along with the sliced ginger and chili pepper.
Heat a pan or wok over high heat until it is almost smoking then add 2 tablespoons of oil.
Add the ginger and saute for 15 seconds over high heat.
Add the shrimp quickly but carefully into the pan, and try to add it in one layer.
You should be getting a really good sizzle right now, since the pan is so hot.
Add scallions and chili (if using), and stir/saute.
Add the rice wine and cover the wok immediately, keeping the heat on high.
Let the shrimp cook for 30 seconds.
Take the cover off and continue to stir.
Add the salt, white pepper and soy sauce.
Give it another quick stir and serve!