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Pennetini in White Sauce



Saute pennetini in 3 ounces of olive oil for 7-8 minutes in broad pan until browned (o.
if unevenly browned, but not burned).
Meanwhile, soak porcini (but not shitake, if used) in enough water to cover (but at least 1/2 cup) for at least 3 minutes.
Remove porcini, squeezing mushroom juice into soaking water.
Reserve juice and chop mushrooms.
After pennetini is sauteed, add brandy to pennetini pan and saute further until brandy has evaporated.
Set aside.
Begin to saute mushrooms in remaining olive oil in another pan with parsley.
Add cracked black pepper.
Return pennetini to heat and add hot chicken stock.
Reduce while mushrooms cook.
When mushrooms are lightly browned, add 1/2 cup reserved porcini juice and reduce.
Pennetini should end up somewhat crisp from the sauteing, but some chicken broth should remain.
As last step, add cream and then cheese to mushroom mixture.
Heat and stir to evenness.
Blend the pennetini mixture with the mushroom mixture and serve, with fresh parsley garnee.