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Pastelon de platano y carne (Sweet plaintain and meat pie)



Cut plaintain ends and into thirds.
Boil in salted water with skin until fork tender.
Cook bacon and brown your meat in the drippins.
Add chopped and diced veggies, bullion, sazon, sofrito and spices.
Cook until veggies are translucent, about 5 mins.
And applesauce, tomato sauce and chopped eggs.
Simmer on low until all the ingredients are combined.
Taste and add your own flavors as necessary.
Mix should have a bit of sweetness to it.
Preheat oven and butter your lasagna pan.
Set aside.
The plaintains should be ready when the skin starts to separate from the plaintain.
Remove skin and mash with butter,milk and cheese.
Place 1/2 of plaintain mix on bottom of pan and spread evenly, Add all of the meat mix( I use a strainer to drain any oils from meat before dropping into pan).
Pour remaining plaintain mix and spread evenly.
Sprinkle any type of cheese as desired on top of pastelon.
(I use fresh grated parm) Heat in oven for 30 mins until bubbly and enjoy! Buen Provecho mi gente!