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Put the sour milk in a large bowl.
Beat the egg into the sour milk then add sugar and salt and whisk it all.
Whisk in the baking powder and vanilla extract.
Then start pouring in the flour.
Do it slowly and mix at the same time.
You can add more flour if you see that the batter is too liquid.
It should be somewhat thick but still pour-able.
As soon as you finish you can use stick blender to break up the lumps and get a smooth batter.
Heat a skillet over medium heat.
Take a half of a paper towel sheet and moisten with oil.
Rub the skillet with the oiled paper towel carefully.
Put a small scoop of batter onto the skillet.
If the skillet is large enough you can place up to 4-5 pancakes into it at the same time.
Cook them until some bubbles appear on the top surface.
Flip with a spatula and cook for 2 minutes more until the underside gets brown.
Transfer to a big plate.
Repeat with the remaining batter then serve warm with honey or jam.