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Ultimate Japanese Hot Pot with Seafood



Combine water and konbu in a pot and add ingredients.
Put the pot on medium heat.
Defrost the prawns by soaking in water if they are frozen.
Peel the shells, leaving the tails.
Rinse well.
Rinse the oyster and drain well in a colander.
Cut the Chinese cabbage into 3 cm widths.
Put the Chinese cabbage into the pot in Step1 and cover with a lid.
Simmer over medium heat until the Chinese cabbage wilts.
Meanwhile, cut the mushrooms into bite sizes.
Cut the chicken into bite sizes and rinse the scallops well.
Cut the cod and salmon fillets into 3 portions.
After the Chinese cabbage is tender, add the chicken and scallops and cover with a lid to cook through.
Put the mushrooms and tofu along the edge of the pot and arrange the cod, salmon, oysters and prawns in the centre.
Simmer for 5 minutes and skim off any scums.
After turning off the heat, add the mizuna leaves.
The cod and salmon fillets are fragile, so be careful.
Transfer to individual bowls.
This bowlful serves 1 person.
The ingredients absorb the soup, so you really don't need dipping sauce but you can eat tofu with ponzu sauce.
After eating the contents of the pot, make a zosui (rice cooked in hot pot soup) by adding quickly washed cooked rice, beaten eggs and mizuna leaves and cook through.
This is very tasty too.