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Biltmore Sandwich



Make the marinade by preparing and mixing all the ingredients in a bowl large enough for the tenders and the marinade.
Pound the chicken into 3/8 in thick medallions between plastic wrap.
Trim tenders to fit the buns.
Light the mesquite charcoal briquettes.
Marinate the breasts for 30 minutes while the mesquite charcoal briquettes are lighting.
Toast the buns while the breasts grill.
Grill the breasts on both sides until almost done, making diagonal sear marks in a diamond pattern (about two to three minutes on each side).
Place the Pepper Jack slices on the breasts and melt on the grill (about 30 seconds).
Serve the breasts on the toasted buns with a leaf of arugula (or leaf lettuce), slice of red onion, slice of tomato and honey mustard dressing on the side.
Accompany the sandwich with shoestring potatoes or matchstick french fries.