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Southern Corn Bread Dressing Recipe



Make 2 batches of the "Easy Corn Bread" recipe which is written on the Quaker Oats yellow cornmeal box.
Let cornbread cold.
Cut butter into small pcs.
Combine butter and crumbled cornbread.
Add in the chicken or possibly turkey broth.
In a small pan cook the celery, onion and a Tbsp.
of butter for 5 min.
Stir into cornbread mix.
Add in remaining ingredients, using just sufficient water to make a moist dressing.
Mix well.
Bake in an ungreased glass dish uncovered at 350 degrees for 45 min or possibly use as stuffing in an 8 lb.
A 9"x13" glass dish or possibly a 3 qt glass casserole dish bakes well.