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Stew for Dieters with Maitake Mushrooms, Agar Agar and Soy Milk



Place 200 ml water and into a pot (I used a mini sukiyaki pot ).
Add the ingredients that take longer to cook such as the salmon, root ingredients, and leftover vegetables etc.
Cover with a lid, and steam-boil without letting it burn.
When the ingredients have mostly cooked through, add the ingredients that are easier to cook.
Add in the bean sprouts and mushrooms etc.
, steam-boil over a low heat until it all cooks through.
Finally, add the soy milk, and turn down to a low heat.
The soy milk will separate if it boils, so be careful! Don't heat up the kanten if you want to enjoy the jiggly and wobbly texture.
Scatter the green onions and enjoy.
The kanten will make the broth solidify when it cools.
This is delicious if you eat together with the thickened broth.
Enhance the flavor and healthiness by adding popular sake lees and miso lees.
Sake-kasu lees contains alcohol, so boil the soup to evaporate the alcohol.