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Pork and Prawn/Shrimp Stir Fry



Cut pork into thin strips and add the Soya Sauce, Sherry, garlic and ginger to the pork, mix and leave for at least half an hour for the flavors to merge.
set to one side while you shell the Prawns if necessary (cooked prawns do not really give the same flavor as raw ones).
Prepare vegetables, of your own choice, i.
bok choy, bean sprouts, capsicum, onion, broccoli, asparagus, Chinese leaf, baby corn--a mixture is great.
Add the chili, crushed, place to one side.
Blanche asparagus and broccoli for 2 minutes then add to the other vegetables - this ensures that all the vegetables will cook at the same time.
In a cup place the stock, sesame oil and oyster sauce together mixing the corn flour with enough water to mix then add to the sauce.
Drain the marinade off the pork into the stock.
Heat wok and add half of the oil.
Stir fry the vegetables and place in warm oven.
Add remainder of the oil to wok and quickly stir fry the meat for just a minute or two, adding the prawns for just another few minutes until they change color, this does not take long add the stock having stirred it first as the cornflour will settle to the bottom and stir until it thickens.
Toss the vegetables in and quickly stir.
Serve separately with cooked noodles of your choice.