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Baked Ham with Glaze



Line a casserole dish or cakepan with foil to help in the clean up.
Mix some mustard and brown sugar together until it is a darkish brown color and real creamy.
(You will kinda know when it is right, not too mustardy, you will be able to tell by looking).
Make enough of this to completely cover and run down the ham, I like to slice through the fat layer and let the glaze get in there also.
Place the ham cut side down.
Slather this mustard and brown sugar mixture all over the entire ham, don't worry if it runs to the bottom, will make it taste even better.
don't worry about using too much, the more the better!!!!! ! Wrap the entire ham from the bottom up with the foil that you used to line the pan to keep all the juices in and continue to wrap until entire ham is covered tightly, preferably where it won't leak the juice.
Cook according to the directions on the ham.