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Sweet red chili sauce



May require more or less ingredents than written with each batch, depends on the chilis.
If you use powdered garlic and onion use 1tbsp each.
strip chili pods and remove top stem and seeds.
then shred chili's and cover them with hot water.
just enough to cover them with and then let them get soft.
using either a blender or food processor puree the chili's with water into a thin paste, you may have to add more water.
When it blends smoothly add garlic and onion.
Add to a saucepan and with the stove on medium add sugar.
Mix with a wisk or fork until incorporated, then add the corn starch and mix until it is no longer visible with no lumps.
Add the rest of the water Stir constantly to prevent burning until product begin steaming then turn off heat and can or put into storage container.
If product tastes slightly bitter you can add corn syrup to remove that flavor.
Salt and pepper to taste.