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Grilled Chicken Breasts and Asparagus With Orange Glaze



Heat the grill to medium high heat.
Combine orange juice, ginger, coriander and cayenne in a medium sauce pan.
Bring to a boil over high heat.
Simmer until the mixture has reduced to 1/2 cup about 6-8 minutes.
Transfer the glaze to a bowl and stir in brown sugar.
Toss asparagus with vegetable oil and season with salt and pepper to taste.
Grill, turning once until tender and streaked with grill marks 4-5 minutes.
Transfer to serving platter and tent with foil.
Brush chicken with half the glaze and season with salt to taste.
Grill smooth side down about 4-5 minutes.
Brush with remaining glaze and turn.
Continue to cook until the chicken is done 4-6 minutes (160F at center).
Serve with asparagus.