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Roast pork with Figs Onions and Marsala



Soak the Figs in the Marsala at least an hour.
Put the Boiler Onions in warm water 20 min, skin cut off the root and stem,cut a X in the bottom.
Mix 1 TBS Oil, Salt, Pepper,& Allspice then rub the Pork let it stand half an hour.
Sear the rubbed pork in the rest of the oil.
Put everything but the butter in a coverable roasting pan.
Roast covered at 325F for an hour.
Uncover, drop the oven to 275F and continue roasting to an internal temp of 145F.
If you want a higher temp for safety do so but I feel 145F plus the 5+ rise after removal is sufficient.
Remove the meat to a plate.
Remove the most solid of the Figs and onions.
Put the liquid in a pot and degrease, I use paper towels.
Chech the seasoning.
Whisk in the butter to the hot liquid, I use my hand blender.
Slice and enjoy, figs and onions on the side.