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Fresh Berry Upside Down Cakes



Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
BATTER: Beat eggs until light and foamy.
Add oil, butter, and sugar and beat until creamy and smooth and sugar is incorporated.
Add milk, orange juice, and vanilla.
Combine dry ingredients (flour, baking powder) and lemon zest, then add to the liquid ingredients.
BERRIES: Coat berries with a tablespoon of flour and sugar.
Butter a muffin pan and then distribute the berry mix evenly between 16 muffin cups.
Add batter on top of the berries until each cup is full.
Cook for 15 minutes or until golden brown on top and an inserted toothpick comes out clean.
ICING: Mix melted butter, powdered sugar, and lemon juice.
Blend until smooth.
Add more powdered sugar for a thicker consistency.
Take cakes out of the oven and allow to cool slightly in the pan.
Take one out at a time (the berries should stay intactif they fall out, just scoop them out with a spoon) and flip so that the berries are right side up.
Drizzle icing over the top.
Hoard and eat before your family finds out.