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So Cute! Turtle-Shaped Melon Bread



Let's make the shell first.
Add some softened butter to a bowl with some sugar and cream the two together well.
Add 1 beaten egg a little at a time.
Combine the flour, matcha and baking powder and sift into the mixture.
Add the melon oil and fold in gently with a spatula until the dough forms a ball.
It should look like this.
Once it's all come together, split the dough into 15 equal parts and shape them into balls.
Wrap them in cling film and leave to rest for 1 hour in the refrigerator It's probably easiest to do everything up to this point the day before you intend to bake.
Take all of the ingredients listed for the body, from the strong bread flour to water, and add to the bread maker and press start.
If it's winter please warm the milk and water up a little.
Let the dough knead for 15 minutes and prove for 50 minutes.
When proved, split the bread dough into 15 equal parts and roll into balls.
Split each ball into 1 body, 1 head and 4 feel and roll each piece into a ball.
Leave to rest for 10 minutes.
Take the cookie dough for the shell from Step 5 and flatten each ball out with the palms of your hands between 2 sheets of cling film.
Wrap each flattened shell over the top of each bread body neatly.
Score in some lines with a scraper to create the traditional melon bread lattice pattern and attach the feet and head to the body by using beaten egg whites as a kind of glue.
Please make sure that the turtle heads are bigger than the feet.
They should look a bit like this photo.
Cover loosely with cling film and allow to prove for a second time somewhere warm for 40 minutes.
Bake for 13 minutes in an oven preheated to 180C.
These turtles tend to burn easily so please keep an eye on them.
Once baked, leave to cool on a rack.
Make some eyes with some melted white chocolate and chocolate chips.
Use the blunt end of a skewer to attach the eyes and once dry you're done.